Felicite Moorman is a multi-exit entrepreneur​ ​who has made it a life-mission to empower women in the technology industry.

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  • America’s First Female Recession
    Laid off? Workplace closed? Forced to telework without childcare? Read my blog post to learn how women are uniquely affected by the COVID-19 recession, and how to reprioritize and regroup.
  • Apply Early and Often
    Women must put themselves out there and chase their ambitions if we want to close the corporate gender gap. Read my blog to learn how to stop undervaluing yourself and discover your potential.
  • How to Find Allies in the Workplace
    What are your current career goals? Maybe you want to get a promotion, take the lead on a project, or branch out and start your own business. Whatever it is, we all need support to achieve our goals and find our purpose. That’s where allies come in. It’s a great idea to find allies in …

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  • 5 Ways to Amplify Women’s Voices
    If you are a woman, and the thought of speaking up about yourself or another woman inspires feelings of discomfort or shame, that’s normal! I’ve broken it down into five specific strategies that should make it a lot easier.